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Live Nation Will No Longer Serve Plastic Straws In All of Its Theaters

As part of a growing global movement to combat plastic waste, events promoter and Global Citizen partner Live Nation will no longer serve plastic straws in any of its more than 45 amphitheaters throughout the United States.

The decision will remove 3 million plastic straws from circulation in the US, according to Celebrity Access. It was inspired by Lonely Whale’s Strawless Oceans campaign, but it also affirms the goal of this year’s Earth Day to end plastic pollution.

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Plastic straws have become a focus of the anti-plastic movement because of their ubiquity and the ease with which they can be replaced or avoided.

Each day, US citizens use about 500 million straws, according to Eco-Cycle. Considering the US accounts for just 4.4% of the global population, the global number of straws used daily is probably much higher.

Straws are available nearly everywhere drinks are sold and almost none of them can be recycled because they’re generally made from single-use plastic and are so flimsy that they can’t endure the recycling process.

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So potentially billions of straws are entering waste streams every day. If a straw makes it to a landfill, the long life span of plastic likely means that erosion will eventually carry it away. And because straws are so lightweight and small, most of them are littered by people.

Either way, the wind eventually carries a significant portion of straws to bodies of water.

Each year, 8-12 million tons of plastic pollution make it into the world’s oceans, and straws are one of the most widely reported items found during beach cleanup efforts.

These pieces of plastic are causing great harm to marine life in a variety of ways.

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By getting people to realize that they can stop using plastic straws, organizations like Lonely Whale hope to spark larger plastic-reduction efforts.

Live Nation’s commitment adds to a growing roster of organizations and companies committed to the Strawless Oceans campaign.

Cities like Malibu and countries like Taiwan are also banning single-use plastic straws in a much larger effort to stop their infiltration into ecosystems.

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“The ocean belongs to all of us and everyone deserves access to tools that empower us to keep our ocean free of plastic pollution,” said Adrian Grenier, Lonely Whale Co-Founder, in a statement.

Global Citizen campaigns to end plastic waste around the world and you can take action on this issue here.