Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent his time in office promoting diversity, tolerance, and compassion. 

This past week, after US President Donald Trump issued an executive order barring immigrants from Muslim-majority countries and refugees from entering the country, Trudeau took to Twitter to show the world where he stands. 

Over the past few years, Canada has stepped up big when it comes to helping refugees. The government has made it a priority to expedite the process of identifiying and accepting those seeking to come to Canada. 

The country has taken in nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees since November 4, 2015. 

The country's official stance on refugees and immigrants has also been reflected and amplified by the citizenry. Regular people have offered their time, resources, and homes to refugees who are making the challenging transition to a new country after experiencing profound hardship.

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This past Sunday, a horrific attack on a mosque in Quebec on Sunday evening left six Muslims dead and shook the country. In the aftermath, the country has shown its resolve in supporting Muslim communities and all those who face discrimination and persecution.  

Led by Trudeau, the country will continue to serve as a beacon for those seeking safety and a better life. As Trudeau said following a UN meeting on refugees and immigrants last September: 

“Canada is a nation built from the ground up by immigrants and refugees. We have a proud history of opening our arms — and our borders — to those most in need, and we look forward to welcoming many more migrants and refugees in the coming years. We will continue to lead with warm hearts and open minds.”


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In Wake of Trump's Travel Ban, Justin Trudeau Shows How World Leaders Should Welcome Refugees

By Joe McCarthy