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Irish traveled #HomeToVote YES for equality

Flickr: Iker Merodio

Last week my colleage Natalie wrote an article stating that Ireland could be the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. Well, the ballots are in-  62.1% of voters said "yes" on Friday’s poll! There are 3.2 million eligible voters in Ireland that had the right to participate and out of that, 60.4% made sure to cast their vote.

That is a big deal especially considering the fact that Ireland has a stipulation stating that a person must be in the country to vote. This means no absentee ballots were allowed from all of the expats living abroad.

What’s even more impressive about this story is that the Irish didn’t let this stop them. People everywhere traveled home to cast their vote and make sure that Ireland became a home for equality. (My global citizen senses are tingling.)

I don’t think I can do this historic achievement justice by simply talking about it. Instead, I’ll share some of the tweets bearing the hashtag #hometovote to show how much of a joint effort it was to pass this law.

Pretty powerful stuff right? (Don’t worry if you’re crying tears of joy, you’re not alone.) In case you were wondering how passionate people were about this, just have a look:

What that hashtag looks like on a heat map:

Support was coming from all over the world, especially from those who couldn’t make it home.

And if that’s not enough to pull on some heartstrings, take a look at how quickly some took advantage of the “YES” vote.

This weekend was not only memorable because of the hashtag, it was historic. It was a true act of global citizenship that showed how much people care to make their country welcoming to all. Just 22 years ago, homosexuality was considered a crime. While it was decriminalized, it still remained a place where love was not considered equal for everyone. Now Ireland stands as a trailblazer! Here’s a closer look into the campaign that brought people home.

Oh, and we can't forget the added bonuses that came from #hometovote....