It’s FESTIVAL TIME at Global Citizen, and that means it is time for ACTION JOURNEYS! (Ok, if you don’t know what any of that sentence meant, stay with me this is a good story).

Background: the 2015 Global Citizen Festival will be held on September 26th on the Great Lawn of New York City’s Central Park. This Festival will bring together amazing music, incredible world leaders and powerful global citizens (like you!). The 2015 Global Citizen Festival is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements the world has made in improving the lives of those living in extreme poverty, but more importantly, it is a key lever for getting world leaders to commit to ending the injustice of extreme poverty by 2030.

This year’s Festival, will be a key platform for world leaders to commit their nation’s and organization’s specific plans to accomplish the upcoming Global Goals. The day before the Festival the UN General Assembly will announce the Global Goals that will guide international development for the next 15 years. And if global citizens stand together and make their combined voices strong in the coming months, they can get these leaders to travel from the UN straight to the stage in Central Park and start committing to the concrete steps needed to accomplish the Global Goals.


Global citizens will be able to hold their leaders accountable through a series of action journeys in the coming months. These sets of actions, or “action journeys”, target world leaders who can make the difference in the effort to end extreme poverty. The first Action Journey goes live today and it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone to get involved.

The topics in this Action Journey include:

  • Making  the Global Goals famous (Yes, these goals are THAT important)

  • Improving sanitation by ending the practice of open defecation by targeting Sweden and other nations to get more involved

  • Improving food security by getting the US more involved

  • Getting kids into school by expanding the reach and impact of the Global Partnership for Education

  • Getting the G20 to prioritize the economic empowerment of women by guaranteeing them equal access to employment

  • Increasing international support for the financial mechanisms needed to fund global development

  • Finally ending Polio (seriously, this needs to stop, get involved)

If this sounds overwhelming, it isn’t. Taking action on these issues is simple, straightforward and empowering (think of it as the activist’s version of the runner’s high). Check out the video at the top of this piece to get a better understanding of how these action journey’s work through Global Citizen.

This Action Journey is the first of five for the summer. Completing each action journey gives you a unique entry into the drawing for free tickets to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. This means you take action, change the world and you get to party. There isn’t much better than that.

Go to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival page to get involved and take this first Action Journey. The world needs your voice to end extreme poverty.

Image: Global Citizen


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How YOU earn your FREE tickets to 2015 Global Citizen Festival

By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer