The organizers behind the infamous Women’s March are back and this time, they’ve got their eyes set on International Women’s Day.

On March 8, in coordination with women in 30 countries, millions will stand together to protest, “the economic injustices women and gender nonconforming people continue to face,” organizers wrote in a recent announcement.

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Inspired by the “Bodega strike” lead by Yemeni store owners in New York City and “A Day Without Immigrants” across the US, “A Day Without a Woman” will strike from paid jobs, emotional labor, makeup, groceries, and fake smiles to name a few.

“We want to remind people that when women organized in their workplace in the early 20th century they were told that women were ‘impossible’ to organize,” Tithi Bhattacharya and Cinzia Arruzza, who are on the national planning committee for the strike, told The Nation.

So in the spirit of mobilization, here are a few ways that anyone, anywhere can do anything to get involved.

1. Before the strike, join or help form a women’s strike social coalition. The official International Women’s Strike webpage includes a long list of local meetings that you can attend to prepare for March 8 and afterward. Find a meeting near you or organize your own!

2. Demonstrate, march, picket, disobey. Here’s a list of fun actions already organized all over the country for March 8. Among them is a protest against the “global gag rule” in Washington, DC, a reading of all feminist fiction and non-fiction in Berkely, Cali. and live performances in Lawrence, Kansas.

3. Boycott sexist products or services. Identify and avoid companies that are known for having sexist advertisements and others that mistreat women or transgender women in the workplace.

4. Organize a walkout in your workplace. Of course, without jeopardizing your job. Talk to your coworkers about whether it’s possible and if you’re a member of union, ask them to back you.

5. Set aside the housework for the day and take part in a local demonstration. According to The Nation, women in Indiana have written a downloadable letter to hand to husbands or partners before heading off into the rally that can be found in the resources section of the Women’s International Strike.

6. Wear red. This time around, trailblazers are encouraged by organizers to sport red on March 8.

7. Download and post. Under the IWD’s online resources, you can download selfie cards, posters, and widgets to upload to a number of your social media pages or websites. Use the hashtag BeBoldForChange and see examples of the campaigns that people are using around the world!

8. Spend the day taking action with Global Citizen. Join us in standing with campaigners fighting to change unjust laws. Pledge to #LevelTheLaw for millions of girls and women or applaud the leadership of nations supporting #SheDecides.  

9. Interview women who inspire you.Makers is a platform for sharing the powerful stories about the women of “today and tomorrow.” Record your own story that will live alongside a collection including Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart, Ava DuVernay, and Lena Dunham.  

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Women Around the World Are Striking on March 8: Here's What You Need to Know

By Gabriella Canal