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Help change the unjust laws that discriminate against girls and women

We refuse to live in a world where millions of girls and women are held back simply because of their gender. Join us and brave campaigners all around the world to #LevelTheLaw.



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    1. Girls & Women

      Why We Need to #LevelTheLaw

      What more needs to be done to fight for gender equality? Read more

      By Simon Moss| Feb. 21, 2018

    2. Advocacy Girls & Women

      This Paralyzing Disease Holds Girls Back, But We Can Stop It

      Polio doesn't discriminate, at first. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| March 16, 2017 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    3. Girls & Women

      Egypt Cracks Down on Female Genital Mutilation Practitioners With New Law

      If found guilty, perpetrators will spend 5 to 15 years in prison. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| Dec. 5, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    4. Girls & Women

      10 Ridiculously Sexist Laws That Have No Place in the 21st Century

      These discriminatory laws have no place in the twenty-first century. Read more

      By Yosola Olorunshola| Nov. 28, 2016

    5. Girls & Women

      Commonwealth Delegations Take a Stand to #LevelTheLaw

      We refuse to live in a world where millions of girls and women are held back. Read more

      Oct. 17, 2016

    6. Impact Girls & Women

      Pakistan Takes a Step Forward to End Honor Killings

      Everything you need to know about our partner’s efforts getting here. And how you helped support. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| July 22, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    7. Girls & Women

      Pakistani Social Media Star Murdered in 'Honor Killing'

      3 Pakistani women are killed in this way each day. Read more

      By Joe McCarthy| July 18, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    8. Girls & Women

      Pakistani women battle oppressive Taliban regime in new VICELAND doc

      Oscar-winning filmmaker gives us a glimpse at how the Taliban affects the lives of Pakistani women. Read more

      By Garima Bakshi| June 27, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    9. Citizenship

      Coldplay "A Head Full of Dreams Tour" brings global citizens out to #LevelTheLaw across Europe

      Photo recap from Barcelona to Manchester. Read more

      June 19, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    10. Girls & Women

      UN reports ISIS sex slavery, murder, torture of Yazidi people as genocide

      Former sex slave, Nadia one step closer to justice. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| June 17, 2016

    11. Citizenship

      See what happens when storytelling and social action come together

      What does a good story mean to you? Read more

      By Stephen Brown| May 26, 2016

    12. Impact Girls & Women

      How the world can gain $12 trillion through gender equality

      And it won’t even cost much to do it. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| May 23, 2016

    13. Education

      Meet Mary Winters, she’s helping refugee children go to school in the DRC

      Mary Winters explains her work in education in emergencies in the DRC. Read more

      By Katherine Curtiss | May 10, 2016

    14. Girls & Women

      45 years later, this Sudanese girl band may get their world tour

      “Honey, we're better than the Supremes” - Amal Talsam of the Nightingales. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| May 3, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    15. Girls & Women

      TIME names Nadia in 100 Most Influential People and she needs your support

      "At 23, she is risking everything to awaken us," Eve Ensler wrote in TIME. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| April 21, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    16. Girls & Women

      Zahra Lari is determined to be the 1st person from her country at the Winter Olympics

      Why the “Ice Princess in a Hijab” doesn’t mind her nickname. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| April 12, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    17. Impact Girls & Women

      Malta will REPEAL a law that legalized violent abductions of girls and women

      Global citizens helped change law giving abductors reduced penalties if they married their victims. Read more

      By Aditi Shetty| March 28, 2016 |Global Poverty Project

    18. Girls & Women

      For the first time ICC convicts on basis of rape as a weapon of war

      See what Angelina Jolie Pitt had to say about the conviction of DRCs Bemba. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| March 22, 2016

    19. Impact Girls & Women

      This is how you #LevelTheLaw

      “When the law enforces fear and shame you need to get people from the ground involved.” Read more

      By Meghan Werft| March 17, 2016

    20. Citizenship

      The Obama administration finally calls ISIS killing Yazidis a genocide

      US Secretary of State John Kerry condemns ISIS genocide against the Yazidi people. Read more

      By Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer| March 17, 2016

    21. Girls & Women

      Love and acceptance ceremonies are replacing FGM in Kenya and Tanzania

      Girls and women should be celebrated and validated for who they are. Read more

      By Joe McCarthy| March 11, 2016

    22. Girls & Women

      Roses are red, violets are blue but this girl’s dream is going to change you (and the world)

      Rose’s dream just may be the message the world needs to hear. Read more

      By Gina Darnaud | March 10, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    23. Girls & Women

      Women soar in India – first female fighter pilots will graduate in June

      One man changed his mind, and now three women will fly in combat for the Indian Air Force. Read more

      By Meghan Werft| March 8, 2016

    24. Girls & Women

      Google celebrates doodle-worthy women (like Malala)

      Google travels around the world to collect and animate the dreams of girls and women shaping today. Read more

      By Joe McCarthy| March 8, 2016

    25. Girls & Women

      16 trailblazers to celebrate International Women's Day

      “An equal world is one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.” Read more

      By Meghan Werft| March 8, 2016

    26. Girls & Women

      What to say to your boyfriend (or your guy friends) on International Women’s Day

      True equality involves everyone, so why not!? Read more

      By Gina Darnaud | March 8, 2016

    27. Girls & Women

      Meet Areeba, a Pakistani girl who dreams of being a diplomat

      Areeba’s dream is inspirational and empowering in an area where education is restricted to girls. Read more

      By Megha Cherian | March 8, 2016 |CHIME FOR CHANGE

    28. Girls & Women

      One man’s mission to end #ChildMarriage in Tanzania

      “I witnessed a cultural ceremony where young girls...had just undergone FGM." Read more

      March 8, 2016

    29. Girls & Women

      #SaveMirabel: Nigeria's first rape crisis centre is on the verge of closing down

      A look inside this safe haven for survivors of sexual violence. Read more

      By Damilola Odufuwa| March 8, 2016