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Global Citizen Rewards: 4 winners you should get to know!

Everyone who comes to our website reads about issues going on around the world. But did you know that you could earn points from taking action on these issues, then redeem those points for a chance to win free concert tickets in your area?


Pretty awesome, right? All you have to do is visit Global Citizen Rewards, a page dedicated to rewarding global citizens for being part of the movement! Now, who doesn’t like that?

After every show, we like to check in with our winners to see how their show went and what they learned from visiting Global Citizen.

Here is your chance to meet four awesome individuals, and fellow global citizens. Check out what they’ve learned on Global Citizen and what shows they got to see for taking action!

Meet Tricia Guiao who won tickets to the One Direction show at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA on September 1st

GC rewards_7.JPGTricia pictured on the left

GC rewards_4.JPGOne Direction performing

Although Tricia was already familiar with the lack of clean drinking water in developing countries, Global Citizen helped “deepen [her] understanding by describing the related factors, key numerical figures, and world leaders who could play a critical role in settling these issues.”

Meet Lori who won tickets to the Sam Smith show at Toyota Center in Houston, TX on August 14th

GC rewards_5.JPGGC rewards_6.JPGSam Smith performing

Lori is a major supporter of women’s rights and equality, and is aware of “how the stats reflect higher poverty levels among women than men.” Lori thinks that because women are at a greater risk, that it “really makes a difference in people's perspectives and raises the question of how much I’m currently doing to change this, and if I’m doing anything at all.” The Global Citizen website allows Lori to stay informed in a “fun interactive way.”

Meet Whitney Cunningham who won tickets to the Brandi Carlile show at Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, OR on September 13th

GC rewards_1.JPGGC rewards_2.JPGBrandi Carlile’s guitar pick that Whitney C. caught!

Whitney is enthusiastic about the importance of education, noting that “education is key, and although we don't yet have equal learning opportunities for everyone, I support your work in the effort to provide that.” She’s hopeful that “education and generosity of spirit will end poverty.”

Meet Emily Crandall! She won tickets to the Grace Potter show at Britt Pavilion in Jacksonville, OR on September 13th 

GC rewards Grace Potter shredding the guitar on stage

One issue that resonated with Emily was the lack of food distribution.

On Global Citizen, she realized that “there is enough food for all, [though] some areas receive less than others. It’s a huge factor when it [comes to] dealing with world hunger.”

If you’ve been taking actions on these issues you care about, visit Rewards to see if there’s a show you’d like to attend in your hometown. Global Citizen Rewards wants to thank all our special winners who continue to take action on our website and make our world a better place! Even if you’ve won tickets before, or are trying to do so, we’re constantly updating our page with new shows like Beirut, My Morning Jacket, One Direction, and more. The next winner could be you so be sure to check out  Global Citizen Rewards.