Why Global Citizens Should Care
In 2020, it has been made clear that the world needs true leadership — and that every person can become a leader by championing the issues that matter most. With the Global Citizen Prize, we celebrate the leaders among us who are taking action; those who are leading with compassion, care, innovation, and a dedication to uplift the world’s most vulnerable people. Learn more and take action here.

Global Citizen Prize will return on Dec. 19 with John Legend as host for the second year in a row, celebrating leaders changing the world at large. 

But this year there’s a new category to celebrate in Canada: Global Citizen’s Country Hero Award.

The Country Hero Award will be presented in seven countries — Canada, the UK, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, and Mexico  — and will honour an individual or organization that has shown a dedicated commitment to the Global Goals in Canada. Winners of this award category around the world will each receive a prize of $10,000 to help support their work over the coming years.

The panel of judges selecting the winner of Canada’s Hero Award consists of notable leaders in industries ranging from music to media to civil society. 

The judges include singer-songwriter Emily Haines; Managing Editor for the Morning Show on Global TV Arti Patel; President of Bell Media Randy Lennox; Vice-President of the Feldman Agency Joel Baskin; Global Citizen Super Activist Kareen Awadalla; and a representative from Global Citizen Canada’s board of directors. 

The judges will have the tough job of selecting a winner from a range of nominees from across the country, all meriting great recognition for the work they have done this year and beyond.

Judging will be based on four components. First, judges will look at the impact the person or people have had towards achieving one or more of the Global Goals in the last year. Next, they will judge their vision and plans for how they might expand their efforts in the next one to three years. They will also judge what kind of influence nominees have had when it comes to encouraging others to act on the Global Goals. Lastly, they will judge them on their global citizenship by looking at how much they embody the spirit of a Global Citizen.

The Country Hero Award winners from around the world will be celebrated as part of the Countdown to the Prize digital pre-show on Dec. 19, which will also feature exclusive interviews and stories of lives impacted by Global Citizen Prize winners’ work.

Following the digital show, the Global Citizen Prize 2020 award ceremony will air at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.

Global Citizen Prize 2020 will feature Global Citizen of the Year; Global Citizen Artist of the Year; Global Citizen Prize for a World Leader; Global Citizen Prize for a Business Leader; and Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award, as well as three new awards — Global Citizen Prize for Philanthropy; Global Citizen Prize for Culture & Education; and Global Citizen Prize for Activism.

You can find out more about the Global Citizen Prize 2020 here.


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By Jackie Marchildon