On Thursday September 24th Global Citizen made an exciting announcement that FLOTUS Michelle Obama and VP (VPUS?--no, let’s stick with VP) Joe Biden would be joining the “who’s who” of the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. Now, FLOTUS has an even bigger announcement for global citizens all over the world. 

What’s on the agenda for FLOTUS today at 2015 Global Citizen Festival?

Girls education! 

62 million girls miss school each year, according to USAID. A variety of reasons factor into why girls do not have equal access to education as boys, and each of these can be fixed by the Global Goals. 

Lack of access to safe transportation prevents girls from getting to school. Unsafe routes to school also contributes to child marriage because parents who fear their daughter's safety resort to early marriage to keep girls from assault and harassment that occurs on the way to school. 

Societies in countries all over the world have gaps in the number of boys that receive education compared to girls. One Norway, and Canada have closed the gender gap in education. 

Sanitation and proper access to bathrooms, and materials to manage menstrual health prevents 1 out of 10 girls from attending school in African countries and 30 percent of girls out of school in Nepal

All these can be solved by taking action and supporting girls education. 

How can you support girls education? 

Michelle Obama has answers! And one of them is BRAND NEW and involves you.

FLOTUS and POTUS launched an initiative earlier this year called Let Girls Learn which brings together leaders from the Peace Corps, NGOs, countries, and organizations from all over the world to get adolescent girls to school. 

But FLOTUS is not done. There’s one thing missing...YOU! 

FLOTUS knows how important it is that the Global Goals become famous. Michelle Obama knows the world needs 7 billion people’s attention and awareness to reach these ambitious SDG goals to end poverty. 

That’s why FLOTUS is asking for your help and launching a NEW CAMPAIGN along with Girl Rising called 62 Million Girls

What do you need to do to get #62MillionGirls to receive a complete quality education? 

Michelle Obama tells you all about it in this video of FLOTUS speaking onstage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival.

Global citizens can’t leave all the hard work to FLOTUS, Beyoncé, Malala, Salma Hayek Pinault and our other 2015 GCF hosts to champion for the rights of girls around the world. 

Personally, I think Beyoncé is asking you to respond and answer loud and clear when she asks, “who run this mother?” Referring to mother earth obviously. 

What’s the answer? Girls! 

So to all my global citizen girls and guys, I know you were about to Snapchat that selfie anyway.


Instead send it to a good cause via Instagram and Twitter and promote girls education, Global Goal 5: Gender equality, Let Girls Learn, Girl Rising, and the brand new 62 Million Girls campaign all with a selfie and using #62MillionGirls. Let everyone know what you learned in school too! 


Demand Equity

FLOTUS fights for girls education with new #62MillionGirls campaign

By Meghan Werft