With giant wads of baby wipes jamming up sewer systems throughout the UK, sanitation companies and environmental activists are issuing a “3P” plea to all toilet flushers:

“Only pee, paper and poo goes down the loo!”

The environmental organization City to Sea championed the slogan as part of a campaign to reduce plastic waste, but a report issued by Water UK, which represents major UK water and sewage companies, has echoed the theme.

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They are encouraging water companies to educate people about items that cannot be flushed and urging baby wipe manufacturers to label their products as “non-flushable,” but the responsibility, they say, ultimately belongs to the flusher.

“Of course, there are things individuals can do – which is bin the wipes rather than flush them,” the report says.

Wet wipes, which contain plastic and are not biodegradable, make up 93% of the gunk causing sewer clogs, Water UK reports. Those clogs cost the UK more than £100 million per year.

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The UK’s “fatbergs” and wet wipe wads may seem harmless — except to the workers charged with extracting them — but elsewhere in the world, clogged drains can cause serious problems. Standing water provides a fertile breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes and an oasis for disease-bearing rodents. Waste water from clogged drains can also enter drinking water systems, causing deadly diseases like cholera.

In China, enterprising individuals even harvest “gutter oil” — the fat that clogs sewers — and resell it to street vendors for cooking.

No matter where they are found, the clogs are hazardous — and gross, as evidenced by this gallery of plugged up sewer Tweets.


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Disgusting Wads of Baby Wipes Are Clogging Sewers Across the UK

By David Brand