We live in an unequal world. 

Poverty disproportionately affects women. Pandemics kill the most vulnerable. But one of the most ultimate inequalities has got to be climate change, a crisis created by the Global North, that is wreaking havoc on poorer nations in the Global South that have historically contributed the least to global emissions. 

Even more unfair is that when disasters do happen — from pandemics,. to extreme weather events, to climate change induced food shortages — these nations have to borrow cash to respond to the crisis, pushing them further into debt. In fact, poorer nations are currently having to spend about five times more on repaying their debts to rich countries and international banks like the World Bank than they can spend to fight climate change. 

The words "World Bank" don't exactly induce the thought “Ah yes, the perfect opportunity for me to make a significant difference in the world.” But what if you could?

We've done the work of figuring out what change needs to happen and whose feet need to be put to the fire. Now we’re asking you to get creative. 

Artists throughout history have used their craft to raise awareness of social and political issues, from Gavin Turk's bronze recyclables to Olafur Eliasson who brought the melting Arctic to our doorsteps

Not only can art be a vehicle for social change but it's also a form of protest. As part of our Power Our Planet campaign, your voice is essential. So paint your artwork, write your poems, and share with your friends. Read on to discover all the creative ways you can help join the call on our world's leaders to Power Our Planet. 

1. Create a poster.

They say a picture can say a thousand words. 

We’re calling all our creative Global Citizens to enter our Power Our Planet Design Contest and have the chance for your artwork to be featured at our upcoming event Power Our Planet: Live in Paris in front of tens of thousands of people! Yes, you heard that right. 

To qualify, you must feature the three words "Power Our Planet" in your poster design. The poster can be a digital or physical artwork. Upload a high-quality image of your poster design and 10 of our favorite and most powerful posters will be displayed across Paris, at our event in June, and on our global Instagram

2. Write a hopeful poem.

Poems have the power to move and inspire us across countries and borders. We are calling all the creative writers among you to submit a poem of hope. Use your love of nature, people, or the planet to inspire you to write about a positive vision for our world. 

Submit your poem of hope addressing the themes of climate, nature, or equality — it can be a short stanza or a full poem. We will feature the best poems at our event Power Our Planet: Live in Paris and your poem could be read on stage to thousands of people. 

3. Tell us the climate future you want. 

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time but we have the solutions to address it, if world leaders act NOW! From renewable energy to power our cities, to reducing pollution, to protecting nature, there’s a lot that can be done. 

What is the climate future that you want? Do you want a world where we invest in renewable energy, to live with clean air and water? To have systems that are in balance with nature? Leave your message and we'll share thousands of them with world leaders to push for urgent climate action.

4. Share your vision for an equal world. 

Everyone wants a fair chance at a life where they can be safe, healthy, and exercise their freedoms. But billions are still repressed and discriminated against due to their race or gender, while the gap between rich and poor is increasing globally. Inequality exists on a global scale, with lower-income countries under-resourced to tackle the climate crisis, and women and girls underrepresented as global decision-makers.

What does an equal world look like to you? Leave your message on what you want a more equal world to look like and we’ll share your messages with world leaders and show the world demands action.

5. Tell us your story on the front line of the climate crisis.

All around the world, the impacts of the climate crisis are growing and affecting our day-to-day lives. From the threat of rising seas to experiencing extreme floods, wildfires, or droughts, we want to hear your experiences.

Tell us your stories of climate change and how it’s affecting you or your community and we’ll use them to collectively urge governments to take action now. 


Demand Equity

5 Creative Ways You Can Use Your Voice to Power Our Planet

By Fadeke Banjo