Why Global Citizens Should Care
Artists have an opportunity to use their platforms to make an impact. Everyone has a role to play to help achieve the United Nations' Global Goal 5 to end all violence against women and girls. You can join us and take action on this issue here

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten gender equality worldwide, one band is taking a stand against sexual and domestic violence.

Indie folk band Bon Iver announced on Monday that it will pledge 5% of ongoing publishing royalties to 2 A Billion, a campaign they launched in 2016 to end gender inequality, according to NME. 

“It's time for those with ample privilege and large platforms to amplify marginalized voices, speak up for disenfranchised communities, and give back to those working on the front lines of our country's greatest challenges,” the band wrote on Twitter.

Bon Iver’s campaign partners with several organizations in the US and Europe working to stop domestic and sexual violence, including the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization, Argrow’s House, European Women’s Lobby, and Standing Together to End Sexual Assault. 

The band initially launched the initiative to give back while touring, and now their royalties will bolster gender equality organizations year-round. 

Increased support for sexual and domestic violence organizations is especially crucial as more women and girls are trapped at home with their abusers during the pandemic and are reporting an uptick in abuse.

Bon Iver is one of several artists who have recently stepped up to donate proceeds from their music to an important cause. Singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy’s decision to donate a portion of his music royalties to racial justice organizations inspired Bon Iver to make a similar contribution. 

“We believe every individual can take steps big or small, courageous or delicate, to have an impact -and collectively- we can close the book on gender inequality,” the 2 A Billion website says.

Bon Iver invites everyone to play their part to tackle gender inequality and have made various resources available for recognizing abuse or donating to support initiatives that help women in need.


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Bon Iver Will Now Donate a Portion of All Royalties to Stop Violence Against Women

By Leah Rodriguez