Support Generation Equality for Women and Girls

Call on world leaders to follow through on the Beijing Declaration for women’s rights.

What to know:

  • In 1995 in Beijing, global leaders developed the world’s most visionary agenda to empower girls and women.
  • Since then, incredible steps have been taken globally to achieve a world where She Is Equal.
  • Call on leaders to ensure all commitments made in the Beijing Declaration are delivered.

Learn More about this cause:

Today, not a single country can claim to have achieved gender equality. Worldwide, even before COVID-19, 130 million girls remain out of school, women-owned businesses receive just 1% of global procurement spending, and 800 women die every day from preventable problems during pregnancy and childbirth. 

In September 1995, thousands of activists from across the globe met in Beijing for the Fourth World Conference on Women with a single purpose — to achieve a world where every woman and girl can live free from violence, go to school and learn, control her future, and earn equal pay for equal work. A world where She Is Equal. 

While governments have taken steps to change the lives of a generation of girls and women growing up across the world - more women participating in politics, live under constitutions guaranteeing gender equality, and are protected by laws against gender-based violence, COVID-19 is increasing gender and other inequalities and disproportionately affecting women’s and girls’ safety and well-being, access to education, and opportunities to reach their true potential. 

2020 marked 25 years for accelerating implementation of global commitments to gender equality with a campaign set to mark its progress. Due to COVID, it's been postponed to 2021 and we need to make sure leaders sufficiently and comprehensively step up for girls and women.

If governments and institutions leading the Generation Equality Forum deliver on their commitments for gender equality, — and call on other world leaders to fulfill all the promises made in the Beijing Declaration for all women and girls through announcing bold new commitments for girls’ and women’s legal rights, education, equal employment, health, and more, we can create a more equitable, prosperous, and peaceful world for everyone.

Let’s send a powerful message to world leaders:Please tackle the unfinished business needed to achieve gender equality. Sign the petition now, and we will hand over your signatures to partners and stakeholders in a series of virtual meetings events in the lead up to the Generation Equality Forum in early 2021.