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Michael B. Jordan speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con International, for "Black Panther", at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

'Black Panther' Just Shattered Another Record

If you’ve noticed a lot of tweets about the brilliance of Wakanda, the power of Vibranium, or the groundbreaking box-office performance of “Black Panther” cropping up in your Twitter timeline over the past few months, you’re definitely not alone.

That’s because Black Panther just became the most-tweeted about movie of all-time.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, Twitter’s official account broke down Black Panther’s amazing online presence. So far, the film has sparked more than 35 million tweets worldwide, with users most often including the hashtags #BlackPanther #Wakanda and #WakandaForever.

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“Black Panther” bumped Stars Wars: The Force Awakens to second and Star Wars: The Last Jedi to third place in terms of Twitter activity. And each new tweet celebrating the film’s latest accomplishment only adds to that total.

The Twitter achievement is just the latest record shattered by a film generating both rave reviews — it has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes — and massive audiences.

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“Black Panther” grossed about $218 million in North America, making it the highest-grossing February release in history. It’s the highest-rated superhero movie of all-time and it grossed more than $1 billion in just 26 days.

It’s an amazing accomplishment for the first superhero blockbuster to feature a black hero and a majority black cast. The film, based on a 1960s comic book series, tells the story of the kingdom of Wakanda, an insular, but extremely sophisticated nation in Africa led by a superhero king known as the “Black Panther.”

For decades, top film studios failed to invest in movies featuring diverse casts based on the notion they would not be profitable. But the massive success of “Black Panther,” in addition to other recent films like “Get Out” and “Girls Trip,” has disproved that myth.

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“The concept of an African story, with actors of African descent at the forefront, combined with the scale of modern franchise filmmaking, is something that hasn’t really been seen before,” Director Ryan Coogler told the Hollywood Reporter. “You feel like you’re getting the opportunity of seeing something fresh, being a part of something new, which I think all audiences want to experience regardless of whether they are of African descent or not.”

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In addition to inspiring millions of tweets, “Black Panther” has spurred activists across the US and the world. Celebrities like Kendrick Lamar have purchased thousands of tickets so that young people of color could experience the groundbreaking film firsthand.

And throughout the US, activists have registered voters at cinemas, encouraging filmgoers to #WakandaTheVote

"We know that for some it's a superhero world, but we know that the world we deserve is still waiting to be built — and we want to build it,” the voter registration drive leaders told Blavity. “This upcoming spring and November 2018 midterm elections are an important step in building that new world, and we want to take every opportunity to engage our communities in the conversation of electoral justice.”