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This image released by Disney shows a scene from Marvel Studios' "Black Panther."
Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios-Disney/AP

17 of the Best Reactions to Marvel’s Iconic “Black Panther” Movie

Even though most people have only see the trailer and interviews with cast members, the new "Black Panther" movie hitting theaters this Friday has generated a rhapsodic amount of attention on social media.

That makes sense on a few levels.

First, the movie is being critically acclaimed in a way few superhero movies have ever been.

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Second, it’s the first major movie about the iconic Marvel character.

And, perhaps most importantly, "Black Panther" is an unabashed celebration of African-American culture that challenges Hollywood notions of representation. It features a black director, black screenplay writers, and a primarily black cast. It has a phenomenal soundtrack (featuring Global Citizens like Kendrick Lamar).

It occurs in a fictional African country called Wakanda that was never colonized. By showing an African country as prosperous and thriving, it defies the usual reductive treatment that the continent receives. And it’s being released during Black History Month as people throughout the US reflect on black culture from the past several centuries.

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The movie has become so culturally significant, that celebrities and regular people are donating money to help underprivileged kids attend a screening. Kendrick Lamar’s label director, T.I., and Octavia Spencer are sending thousands of children to see the movie and many more campaigns are on GoFundMe

When "Black Panther" comes out this weekend, it could become the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time.

All the reasons above are causing the excitement. But the conversation online is amplifying the hype as well.

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Here are 17 of the best reactions to the highly anticipated movie so far.