Beyoncé--part goddess, singer, social justice phenom--is now an advocate for the children of Flint, Michigan suffering from lead poisoning during the city's water crisis. The fund will be part of her partnership #BeyGOOD with the United Way. 

Beyoncé is joining other culture leaders like Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Fallon, Madonna, and Pearl Jam in aiding and advocating for the citizens of Flint.

Pearl Jam and Beyoncé joining together to promote social justice, now where have we seen these super heroes before?

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The Flint Water Crisis came to national attention last October, but it first started nearly two years ago when the city switched its water supply to a local river. The pipes were adversely affected by the switch, eventually leaching lead into the water supply.  Now, 8,657 children are estimated to have been exposed to the lead. The National Guard has been handing out filters and bottled water to help defuse the problem.

#BeyGOOD’s reach has stretched across the globe, aiding people in Beyoncé's  hometown of Houston to the people of Haiti, Nepal and Nigeria.  The superstars involvement in #BEYGOOD, Chime for Change and Global Citizen, has shown how dynamic Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals can be. Beyoncé knows that whether she is slaying it on stage with fellow musicians or championing the rights of others, working together is key.

When global citizens unite we can all SLAY like Queen Bey and help end poverty by 2030.


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Bey will use #BEYGOOD to support the children of Flint

By Katherine Curtiss