Which countries make education a priority to ensure a prosperous society? That's a question the Legatum Prosperity Index can be used to answer. 

The Legatum Prosperity Index ranks countries based on a variety of factors to determine global prosperity across societies in 149 countries. Each country is measured on nine factors covering economic quality, business environment, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom, social support, and natural environment.

The index measure education on access, quality, and human capital within a country. 

Two years ago, the U.S. was ranked fourth for education. In 2016, the country dropped down to number eight barely holding its place in the top ten for access and quality of education. 

Below are the 10 highest and lowest ranked countries for education this past year. 

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10 Best Countries for Education in 2016 

1. Switzerland

2. Netherlands

3. Finland

4. Australia  

5. Norway

6. United Kingdom

7. Ireland

8. United States  

9. Belgium

10. Singapore  

10 Worst Countries for Education in 2016

1. Chad

2. Central African Republic

3. Niger

4. Guinea

5. Mali

6. Sudan

7. Benin

8. Yemen

9. Afghanistan

10. Liberia

Every child deserves access to quality education. Many of the countries lacking in healthcare infrastructure are the same places where children miss out on school. Not one of the lowest-ranking countries for education improved its ranking in the past year. 


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The Top 10 Best and Worst Countries for Education in 2016

By Meghan Werft