It’s International Women’s Day and women around the world are here for it. They're using Twitter to share their support for #IWD, to demand equal pay, and to call for an end to gender discrimination and violence. 

Take Action: Empower Girls and Women

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Many advocates have taken to social media to share their support for non cisgender-women, reminding the world that gender identity exists on a spectrum.

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Others have championed the work of trailblazing women, like anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells, whose contributions have often gone unnoticed.

Meanwhile in Madrid, at least 1 million women have united for the first-ever “Feminist Strike” — Huelga Feminista. The strike has the support of leading Spanish politicians, including the female mayors of Madrid and Barcelona.

Even beloved TV cartoons have tweeted their support for women today — and every day.

But a mere expression of support on #InternationalWomensDay is just hollow virtue signalling without real action, according to some advocates. That’s why many women worldwide have encouraged men to disclose their salaries to promote equal pay.


Demand Equity

17 Amazing Tweets on International Women’s Day

By David Brand