While the Global Citizen platform was launched in 2012, our advocacy work at scale began in 2011. This is a tally of Global Citizen's total impact as of June, 2018.

Just six months ago we reported that thanks to the actions of Global Citizens, the movement had helped secure commitments valued at more than $35 billion. And now we are pleased to announce in our latest impact update that 14.2 million actions by Global Citizens helped generate commitments and policy announcements from leaders valued at over $37.9 billion. Critically, these commitments  are set to affect the lives of more than 2.25 billion people. That means 2.25 billion interventions that range from vaccinating a child to providing one year of education. Interventions that will ultimately help these individuals to lift themselves out of poverty.

These vital numbers show that momentum to end extreme poverty remains strong in 2018.

This year alone, Global Citizens have secured 29 commitments totaling over $2.9 billion that are set to affect the lives of more than 501 million people by 2030. There were a number of key campaign victories this year that helped contribute to this total.

For example, at Global Citizen Live London in April, Secretary of State for International Development in the UK Penny Mordaunt pledged £212 million to provide 973,000 of the world’s most vulnerable girls across the Commonwealth an education through the Girls’ Education Challenge.

At the launch of the new Global Citizen campaign for gender equality #SheIsEqual in Brussels, Global Citizen partners Procter & Gamble announced that they will provide 400,000 girls across India, Africa, and China with a six month supply of pads and educational support to manage their periods with dignity.  The educational piece will help to overturn the major dip in confidence that more than half of girls experience during puberty — with their first period marking the lowest point.

And thanks to public pressure by Rihanna and over 260,000 Global Citizen actions, we played a leading role in securing more than $1.4 billion out of a total of $2.3 billion in new pledges by multiple governments towards the Global Partnership for Education replenishment. Key countries targeted by Global Citizens’ actions and our high level campaigning stepped up for education. The EU, Norway, and the UK were the biggest donors on the day, committing EUR 337.5 million, NOK 2.07 billion, and GBP £225 million, respectively.

Going forward, we will be tracking all of these commitments to ensure that leaders follow through. For example, Global Citizen India reported earlier this year that just 18 months on from Global Citizen Festival India, the disbursal of $2.26 billion(USD) as part of commitments made on the festival stage has impacted the lives of over 303.06 million people in India already. And, critically, we are actively working to make sure the one at-risk commitment gets back on track.



Demand Equity

An Update on Our Total Impact Figures

By Katie Dallas