While the Global Citizen platform was launched in 2012, our advocacy work at scale began in 2011. This is a tally of Global Citizen's total impact as of December, 2017.

Since 2011 Global Citizens have taken more than 13.3 million online actions across the world to place pressure on business leaders and policy makers to end extreme poverty.

Over the past six years these actions — alongside our high-level advocacy and the tireless work of our many partners  — have helped secure 390 commitments and announcements.  

The commitments are valued at more than $35 billion, of which $10 billion has already been disbursed — all commitments recorded are new commitments that were announced on a Global Citizen stage or were driven in a significant way by the actions of Global Citizens, as well as our own high level advocacy efforts, conducted with partners.

Thus far the funds have impacted the lives of 648.9 million people, and are set to affect the lives of 1.1 billion more.

This means that Global Citizens have helped secure 648.9 million interventions to help people lift themselves out of extreme poverty — interventions that range from vaccinating a child to providing one year of education. There are many complex challenges which prevent individuals from lifting themselves out of poverty, which is why Global Citizen works across the five Global Goals that we believe will have most impact to help them do that.

The lives impacted numbers are retrieved through a variety of sources including: publicly available information concerning the commitments and announcements, the commitment makers, the organizations contracted to deliver commitments on behalf of commitment makers, and credible outside sources we believe to be reliable sector experts with access to relevant information.

Over 75% of the commitments are on track to complete within the committed timeline, and the majority of the remaining 25% are on course to complete at least 80% of target.

We are actively campaigning to hold to account the relevant governments, corporations and NGOs that have made commitments to get these commitments back on course. Thanks to the persistence of our campaigns a total of just three commitments in six years have been abandoned — which is why we need Global Citizens to continue to hold leaders to account and ensure commitments made are not forgotten.


Demand Equity

Global Citizen’s Total Impact to Date

By Katie Dallas