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Voting is key to maintaining a fair democracy and helping achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals to end extreme poverty. Global Citizen’s Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy broadcast special is a nonpartisan celebration of American democracy to focus on the power of civic action and honor every citizen’s right to vote. You can join us and take action to make sure that Every Vote Counts here

Amy Schumer and Chris Rock are bringing some much-needed comedic relief to the 2020 US presidential election.

The two comedians made an appearance on Global Citizen’s Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy broadcast special on CBS Thursday night and digital platforms Friday to highlight the impact, importance, and joy of voting — and provide crucial information in the last few days leading up to the 2020 US presidential election. 

Schumer and Rock jumped on a virtual call, but Rock joked that he couldn’t talk because he was getting ready to vote. Rock explained that he needed to be prepared to wait, and Schumer signaled that she was also ready to stand in line by pulling out “vote” sunglasses, a pool float, and a sunhat. 

Rock tried to offer Schumer more guidance and reminded her to bring an ID. She didn’t seem to get the hint and flashed a silly Blockbuster video store card on screen. For her proof of address, she dug up a photo of herself lounging in a lawn chair at her house. Rock assured her a piece of mail with her address on it would suffice. 

The gag continued when Rock recommended that Schumer bring snacks.

“What are we talking, like a loaded baked potato or fresh guac bar?” Schumer said. 

“I heard you can just go on HeadCount.org and make sure that you’re registered, and that there are no changes to your polling place,” she added.

Rock wished her luck, and Schumer started lifting a small weight to get her “voting wrist ready.”

Schumer then invited herself to join Rock to vote with his friends, but he politely declined.

“Count every vote,” the two urged viewers at the end of the skit.

The skit wasn’t the first time Schumer and Rock joined together to get out the vote. The two also participated in the nonprofit organization RepresentUs’ “Naked Ballots” campaign to raise awareness about properly sealing mail-in ballots earlier this month. 

Artists, entertainers, community leaders, and everyday citizens all joined together for Every Vote Counts to celebrate the right to vote. Through Global Citizen’s Just Vote campaign in partnership with the organization HeadCount, we’ve encouraged citizens to check their registration status, worked with companies and nonprofits to give their employees time off to vote, urged media outlets not to announce the winner of the election prematurely with Count Every Vote's National Council on Election Integrity, and more. 


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By Leah Rodriguez