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5 Global Citizens to Remind You the World Really Is a Good Place

After Election Day, it’s important to remind ourselves that even though we invest much of our energy into a figure who we believe will best represent us as a whole, the true value in what we can accomplish lies within the individuals that make up our society.

Here’s a round-up of Global Citizens making the world a better place to remind you that regardless of whether you are satisfied with the results of the election —  the world has the ability to better itself in a much broader way.

From a girl still in middle school solving the world’s clean water challenges to a badass female STEM scientists in 11th grade — here are the inspirational young people to look to for the better future we know is coming.

drought-invention-16-year-old-south-africa-hero.jpg__1500x670_q85_crop_subsampling-2.jpgFacebook: Google Science Fair

Kiara Nirghin

An 11th grade girl who developed a superabsorbent polymer from orange peels and the skin of avocados, a substance which could be very beneficial to resolving droughts conditions in southern Africa.

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Derrick Wanjala

This young man created an organization called Huduma Jamii which aims to end extreme poverty from a grassroots level by providing chickens with which women can begin their own business.

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Ajaita Shah

A woman from New York City who has devoted her life to establishing a company called Frontier Markets, which aims to spread solar energy resources in India, and has successfully empowered women there to distribute solar energy to their rural communities.

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Ahmad Asyraf Aqil Ariffin and Ahmad Luqmanul Hakim Ahmad

Two high school students from Malaysia who worked for two years to perfect their creation of a portable  charger for smartphones which uses brine, coal and aluminum to generate electricity. The hope is to make smartphones more accessible in places where electricity isn’t always readily available.

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Deepika Kurup

She’s a current student at Harvard who at just fourteen, was so moved by the lack of clean water she saw after a family trip to India, that she created a solar-powered water purification system in her backyard. Her invention, which uses silver and other materials to quickly remove bacteria from water was noticed by President Obama. Her desire to provide clean water all around the world is a mission she’s not letting slip away.

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We can hold hope today knowing that there are so many out there creating and working on innovative solutions to the global challenges at hand.