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1 Million Community Health Workers for Sub-Saharan Africa: join the call!

Imagine your child, brother or mother was sick… what would you do?

For most of us, the answer is easy: you take your loved-one to the local health professional.

But for many people living in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, that’s simply not an option. They live too far from the closest clinic or hospital, or cannot afford transportation to get there.

As a result, too many children are dying before they reach their fifth birthday. Too many mothers are dying in childbirth. Too many people are getting sick from diseases we could easily prevent. And too many countries are struggling to reach the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

Join us in ensuring that some of our world’s most vulnerable people have access to basic health services. Sign the petition calling on the Global Fund, Rollback Malaria and UNAIDS to provide the funding needed to train and deploy 1 Million Community Health Workers to Sub-Saharan Africa.


Once you’ve signed the petition, urge the telecommunications industry to provide these Community Health Workers with free airtime and data – to ensure that no health worker has to pay for airtime when a patient's life is at stake.