Frequently Asked Questions


What is Global Citizen?

What makes you think we can end extreme poverty?

How will my actions have impact?

Why do you promote advocacy rather than fundraising?

Who's behind Global Citizen

Can I contribute a story?

Rewards FAQs

What is Global Citizen Rewards?

How does Rewards work?

How do I find Rewards to enter?

I’m having trouble entering. What’s going on?

I entered a Rewards drawing but I don’t know if it went through. Help!

How will I know if I’ve won?

How are prize draw winners selected?

What if I don’t win?

How do I claim my tickets?

I’m having trouble claiming my tickets. What should I do?

I claimed my tickets but haven’t heard anything else. What’s next?

I claimed my tickets but can’t redeem them on Ticketmaster. What do I do?

I got a winner notification email, but forgot to claim my tickets. What can I do?

I won tickets! How do I get to the show?

I won tickets! Where in the venue will they be?

What do I do on the day of the event?

Will I get to meet the artist backstage?

Can anyone attend?

Can I give my tickets to someone else? Or sell them?

What is Will Call?

Can I enter more than one drawing at a time?

Can I enter the drawing for a show I really want to go to more than once?

Will I get my points back if I don’t win?

How do I find out when there are new Rewards available?

I can’t pick up my tickets anymore, can I change the name at Will Call?

What happens when I enter a Reward?

I got an email saying I’m a Global Citizen Activist. What’s this about?

How do I find out what level I am?

How do I get to a higher level?

I have enough points to reach a new level, but you haven't credited me with the level’s points gift. What’s going on?

What are Quarterly Bonus Points?

How do you calculate quarterly bonus points?

When do you award quarterly bonus points?

My level says I get early access to Global Citizen events. How does this work?

My level says I get access to VIP events. How do I claim these?