Sure he’s a dreamy Jack Dawson, convincing Howard Hughes and sleazy Jordan Belfort, but Leonardo DiCaprio's most powerful role is activist.

DiCaprio's one of the actors who has used his celebrity and influence for good, drawing much needed attention and money to crucial global issues, namely climate change.

Earlier this month DiCaprio committed to fossil fuel divestment, a new campaign that calls on companies and individuals to pull all their money from fossil fuel companies. DiCaprio is joined by 2,000 individuals and companies, in total representing an astonising $2.6 trillion. 

And today DiCaprio brought his message to the Global Citizen stage. He reminded us that our efforts to achieve the Global Goals will be in vain, "if we do not also address the forces that are threatening to destroy our planet, humanity's only home." 

He shared with Global Citizens the findings of a recent UN climate report, which confirmed what we already feared. That climate change is happening on every continent and in every sea, contributing to natural disasters that have devastating effects. The world's most marginalized and poorest communities are hit the hardest. 

Now that the not-so-cold hard truth is out of the way, on to the exciting part: "We have the solutions within our grasp."

Fact: By using existing renewable energy technologies we could meet 100% of our world energy demand by 2050. 

So as Global Citizens it is our responsibility to work against fossil fuel interests and increase our reliance on renewable energy technologies. Even if we don't officially "divest" like Leo, we can reduce, reuse, recycle and rely on green energies whenever possible. It's all part of Goal 13 and the solution is in our reach. 

And you can start by going to TAKE ACTION NOW and make the Global Goals famous. 


Defend the Planet

Leonardo DiCaprio is a real world Captain Planet

By Nicki Fleischner