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Why we love our mamas

Mothers fill so many roles in our lives. They are often our first teachers, our first role models, and our first friends. They are the person we turn to when we've had a bad day and just need a hug. They're the ones we call up on the phone and ask for advice. And they're the same ones we occasionally roll our eyes at when we don't like said advice. So while we should be showing love to our mamas all year round, I'm glad we have one day set aside to celebrate these important women in our lives.

In honor of Mother's Day, I asked my co-workers at Global Citizen and the Global Poverty Project to share why they loved their mamas and how they have influenced their lives. Here's what they had to say:

Christina Nunez

No one has a can-do attitude like my mom. In our family she's the problem solver- there's not a cranky mood or a problem she can't fix. But what I love most about my mom is that she knows how to have fun! She's shown me that even the little things in life are worth celebrating.

Taylor Light

There is nobody more selfless than my mom - the one and only Shelly Light. She captains the Light family ship and blankets her kids, her friends, and of course the stranger at the check-out counter with endless love and empathy. She's also one of the best listeners I know, and I can only hope that I can give myself to others as wholeheartedly as she does.

Sarah Moran

My mother is probably the most influential person in my life.

She has an unwavering ability to see the best in people, and a belief that the world could always use a little more human connection and kindness. I believe that her strong social conscience was at least a little bit inherited (and is probably a partial reason I work at the Global Poverty Project). She pushes me to be the best version of myself and is always there when life deals me a one-two punch. 

She's smart and strong. And resilient. Love you Mom!

Chelsea White

People say I take after my Mama, and I've always taken that as a compliment. She is a very strong, nuturing, caring woman with a surprising dash of sass. My Mama has always voiced her support for my siblings and I, and I just hope she knows that we love and support her too. xoxo

Scarlett Curtis

My mum is my role model and my best friend (most of the time!). She has taught me almost everything I know from how to apply make up in the back of a car to how to make a perfect tomato sauce. But most importantly she taught me how to be kind and how to work every day to make the world a little bit better in any way you can, even if somedays that's only making people happy with an amazing tomato pasta.

David Beame

Because of my mom's love, care and unwavering support, I am inspired to be the best son, friend, husband and colleague to those around me.  Her altruism and authenticity has guided me to be giving and aware of those less fortunate than me.  Most importantly, as the matriarch of my family she's taught me that true strength and power comes from being vulnerable, affectionate and loving.

Judith Rowland

There is no one I love more than I love my Mama. She loves with her whole soul, gives with a full heart, and laughs with her entire body. 

Linda Tam

My mum, Eva, is simply amazing. She's strong, compassionate, selfless, caring... and always checking that my brothers and I are dressed warmly enough for the weather!

Mum, thanks for all the love, and yes, I'll bring a sweater!

Murphy McAnulty

My mum has always been my mentor, role model and best friend, especially since our family moved around the world every three years due to my dad's job in the foreign service. It was difficult at times as an only child to uproot so often, but no matter where we were she was always there for me and because of that, every place felt like home. She even made it possible for me to follow my dreams here in the Big Apple. Happy Mother's Day to my mum all the way over in Australia! 

gc moms 7.jpg

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate the incredible women in our lives. If you'd like to share why you love your mama or a mother-like-figure, leave a comment in the section below!