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Here's Why Ending Hunger Is Like an Avalanche


  1. a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
  2. a sudden arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities

Avalanches are caused by new snow or rain that forces previously accumulated snow to suddenly dislodge and cascade down a mountain. A mere inch of new snow can cause an overwhelming amount of ice to rush down a mountain at a pace that sends shivers down the spine of the most burley of mountain men.

Why are we talking about avalanches? Because this approach or bringing people together and taking action together can help end world hunger. 

This is our best example of a natural domino effect. Once an avalanche begins, nothing can stop it. But an avalanche can be a good thing, it's not always destructive.

In fact, change is like an avalanche. All it takes is one to step forward, one person, to cause others to move together as a single force and create lasting impact. Imagine an entire wave of people all moving towards a single goal! Nothing could stop them. We have an opportunity to move as an avalanche and wipe out hunger this October.

Will you be the one to start this avalanche? Like the inch of snow that sends ice cascading down the mountain face, it only takes one person to spark the movement to end hunger.

This October, ask your friends to make a meaningful meal together! Whether at home, at a big dinner party or at a restaurant, set time aside and share a meal with someone in your community. Make that meal more meaningful by donating the cost or part of the cost of the meal to help create a #HungerFree world with World Vision. This creates a ripple effect of change that stretches beyond your inner circle as you inspire others to host their own meal and cultivate change in multiple kitchens.