About Madeline Schwartz

Madeline Schwartz is a Digital Content Intern at Global Citizen. She has always been passionate about this world and social justice, and has explored this passion while studying at THINK Global School, a traveling high school. She plans to study oppression's effects on culture at Oberlin College this fall. Madeline loves all things creative, and is constantly searching for new ways to express herself.

Why Madeline Schwartz is a Global Citizen

I'm a global citizen because equality is my first priority in every respect, and I believe that acceptance of diversity is an important component of true justice.


  1. Article: This Miracle Soap Could Stop the Spread of Malaria

    Ce Savon Miracle Pourrait Arrêter la Propagation de la Malaria (ou Paludisme)

    Par Madeline Schwartz|12 septembre 2016

    Les créateurs de ce savon anti-moustiques espèrent sauver 100 000 vies de la malaria. En savoir plus

  2. Article: 5 Small Ways You Can Change The World Today

    5 Façons de Changer le Monde d'Aujourd'hui

    Par Madeline Schwartz|23 août 2016

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  3. Article: 3 Important Female Street Artists Who Are Breaking Boundaries

    3 femmes artistes de rue qui cassent les codes

    Par Madeline Schwartz|22 juillet 2016

    Ces artistes font évoluer la conversation et défient les stéréotypes sur les femmes. En savoir plus