Kenya : Tenez votre promesse ! Investissez davantage dans l'éducation

Rejoignez Selena Gomez et envoyez un tweet au président Kenyatta pour qu'il respecte sa promesse budgétaire en faveur de l'éducation.

À savoir :

  • En 2018, le gouvernement kenyan a promis d'investir dans l'éducation, en s'engageant à y consacrer 30 % de son budget.
  • De grands progrès ont été réalisés, mais un plus grand budget est nécessaire pour que tous les enfants soient scolarisés.
  • Aujourd'hui, Global Citizen et Selena Gomez appellent le gouvernement kenyan à tenir sa promesse.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

Every child deserves the chance to learn — and in Kenya incredible progress is being made. Since the government introduced free primary education, nearly every child finishes primary school. But the number that progress to high school remains low — with only 41% of girls even attending class. 

In 2018, in response to Global Citizens at Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100, President Kenyatta of Kenya committed to increase Kenya’s budget for education to 30%. This he proudly said, “goes further” making Kenya’s education budget “the highest in all of Africa”.

But since this pledge was made, the Kenyan government has not detailed how much extra money this will result in, and the budget released in June 2019 only commits 17% to education. This isn’t good enough — and children will continue to suffer until it changes. 

When Selena Gomez recently visited Kenya, she saw first-hand the positive impact a quality education can have. That's why she's joining us in calling on the government to stick to its word and ensure quality education is made a reality for every Kenyan child. 

Share Selena's message! Tell the Kenyan government: please keep your President’s promise!