Que signifie la justice pour vous ?

Share with us how you are inspired by those speaking up for justice.

À savoir :

  • Les récents meurtres de George Floyd et de Breonna Taylor ont donné naissance à un mouvement pour demander justice
  • Pour lutter contre le racisme systémique, il faut que nous agissions tous, surtout ceux qui jouissent de privilèges raciaux.
  • Dites-nous ce que la justice signifie pour vous, et ce que vous inspirent ceux qui l'exigent ou la défendent.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

The world has watched in horror at the most recent episodes of police murdering Black people: George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. This horror has led to millions of people across the globe, including Perth, Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, Accra, Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi and Tel-Aviv, to take to the streets and raise their voices to demand justice. 

These murders have also come at the same time as the COVID-19 pandemic that has disproportionately affected Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. Many people feel a gap between themselves and the justice services and police who are supposed to serve them, widened by decades-long failure to hold police accountable for their misconduct.

As Global Citizens, it’s on us to build a world where justice is available for all and not a privileged few; a world where justice services help people in crisis, address systemic prejudice and inequality, and rebuild the bonds of trust with the communities they serve. 

This moment can be an opportunity to channel our frustration into sustained and effective action in the US and around the world.

An inspiring story published in the New York Times recalls George Floyd aspiring to “touch the world” after he graduated from high school. 

We want to collect thousands of messages to honor the legacy of George, Breonna, and the countless others who have suffered due to injustice. We call on you, Global Citizens, to share with us how you have been touched by those using their voice to fight for justice, and tell us what justice means to you. We’ll work behind-the-scenes to profile your voices, stories, and passion to those in power, to bring about systemic change.