Secrétaire Yellen : Power Our Planet

Le changement climatique entraîne des crises alimentaires et sanitaires à travers le monde. Il est temps d'agir.

À savoir :

  • Des millions de personnes subissent faim et santé précaires en raison de l'urgence climatique mondiale.
  • Secrétaire Yellen peut impulser réformes Banque mondiale pour protéger millions de personnes.
  • Tweetez pour des réformes et l'appel des États-Unis à un sommet mondial crucial en juin pour alimenter notre planète.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

Our world is facing converging crises of climate change, hunger, and inequality, which pose unprecedented challenges that demand urgent action. It's becoming increasingly clear that the current financial system is not sustainable, and we need global reform, now more than ever.

President Biden and Secretary Yellen have the opportunity to champion these reforms and lead the charge towards a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Upgrading the outdated international finance system and reforming the World Bank is essential to free up billions of dollars needed to address these crises.

The numbers are staggering, with billions of people at risk of displacement, hunger, and economic instability. But if we act now, we have the means to create a sustainable and just world for everyone. We can demand change and action by adding our voices and support for urgent reform.

Together, we can create a world that works for all of us. Join the movement to Power Our Planet and tweet urging President Biden and Secretary Yellen to champion World Bank reform at the Paris Summit in June.