Les femmes sont en première ligne face au changement climatique : Quelle est votre histoire ?

Êtes-vous affecté par l'urgence climatique ? Racontez-nous !

À savoir :

  • Les femmes et les filles sont les plus affectées par la crise climatique.
  • Femmes et filles du monde entier - Envoyez vos témoignages et dites au monde comment le changement climatique vous affecte.
  • Faites entendre votre voix : quelle est votre histoire ?

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

Women and girls are hit hardest by the effects of climate change. Right now, 80% of people displaced by the climate crisis are women. 

But too often, the voices and experiences of women and girls are ignored by leaders. 

We want to change that and raise up the voices of our female Global Citizens living through a changing climate. Maybe you have experienced flooding, unpredictable seasons, or a decline in the nature around you. However big or small, we want to hear from you.

Women and girls of the world: have your say and your voice heard. 

Submit your stories of how climate change is touching your life, and the action you want to see taken to support yourselves and your communities to protect against it. 

Your voices will go on to form part of Global Citizen’s End Poverty NOW campaign to demand greater leadership on climate action around the world.