Comment la guerre affecte-t-elle les femmes et les filles ?

Répondez au questionnaire pour découvrir comment les conflits mettent les femmes et les filles en danger.

À savoir :

  • Les guerres, les conflits et les crises peuvent avoir des conséquences particulièrement graves sur la vie des femmes.
  • Le monde a besoin de faire connaître ce côté sombre et peu connu des conflits.
  • Répondez à ce quiz et découvrez les dangers auxquels sont confrontées les femmes et les filles dans les zones de crise.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

Throughout history, women and girls have carried the burdens of war as a scar on their bodies.

As the Ukraine conflict continues, news of women being targeted by sexual violence is emerging. Rape as a war of weapon is not something new but it has been overlooked for too long.

Women and girls caught in the middle of war experience sexual violence, physical and verbal abuse. Conflicts preset a huge backsliding in equality, from girls losing out on education to increased rates of child marriage.

Despite laws recognizing rape as a weapon of war in 1949, women and girls are facing increased gender-based violence in conflicts as far apart as Ukraine, Tigray, Afghanistan, and many more.

Even when they survive war and get to refugee camps, UN research shows that 1 in 5 women and girls has experienced sexual violence. 

This issue and women’s experiences need to be heard. Take our quiz and learn more about how women are impacted in conflict areas.