Dirigeants mondiaux : nous avons besoin de 2 milliards de vaccins contre la COVID-19 cette année !

La pauvreté ne devrait pas être un obstacle à la vaccination.

À savoir :

  • La pauvreté ne devrait pas être un obstacle à l'accès aux vaccins contre la COVID-19 qui sauvent des vies.
  • Les dirigeants mondiaux et l'industrie pharmaceutique doivent rendre vaccins et médicaments accessibles à tous.
  • Signez la pétition et nous transmettrons vos milliers de signatures aux décideurs.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

To end the COVID-19 pandemic, the world needs fair global access to vaccines, tests and treatments. But right now that's not happening. 

Rich countries, which make up just 13 percent of the global population, have pre-purchased over half of the world’s COVID-19 vaccine doses. Some big pharma companies are also charging steep prices for their vaccines and guarding their intellectual property  – making this life-saving and pandemic-ending resource an exclusive product rather than a public good.

Unequal vaccine rollout will prolong the pandemic for us all, increase the risk of COVID-19 mutations threatening those who’ve been vaccinated, continue the global economic crisis, and drive as many as 160 million people into abject poverty. Most of all, it will cost more lives.

We cannot let this happen. Despite COVID-19’s destructive path, we must make sure the legacy of our response is one of unity and fairness — not huge inequality and injustice. 

World leaders must take urgent action to kickstart a global recovery from COVID-19 through fast, equitable access to vaccines and other medical tools that benefit everyone, everywhere. The private sector must step up to do their fair share as well. 

Governments, corporations and philanthropists need to fully fund COVAX and the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (the global partnership committed to developing and equitably delivering vaccines, tests and treatments). Governments must also donate surplus vaccine doses to lower-income countries through COVAX and commit to being allies in the push for increased vaccine production, access and affordability. Pharmaceutical companies also have to play their part in putting people before profit by sharing life-saving technologies and committing to not-for-profit pricing of their vaccines and medicines. 

Pandemics are global by definition. Only equal vaccine access for all countries will end this crisis. Sign the petition for world leaders and pharmaceutical companies to ensure an equal COVID-19 recovery for all.