Dites aux grandes entreprises d'investir dans les femmes !

Demandez aux grandes entreprises de soutenir les femmes entrepreneures.

À savoir :

  • Plus de 163 millions de femmes possèdent des entreprises, mais la majorité reste exclue des chaînes d'approvisionnements.
  • 1 % de la somme dépensée par les grandes entreprises pour leur fournisseurs vont à des entreprises appartenant à des femmes.
  • Demandez aux entreprises d'accroître de 100 millions de dollars leurs achats auprès des entreprises appartenant à des femmes.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

It’s time big businesses recognize and invest in women. 

Every year, corporations and governments spend trillions of dollars on products and services — yet just 1% goes to businesses owned by women. This is despite the fact that over 163 million women own businesses worldwide.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Global Citizen has teamed up with WEConnect International to encourage big businesses to invest in the incredible work of female entrepreneurs. 

Payal Agarwal is one of those women. When she started out in a male dominated tea industry in Darjeeling, India, Payal fought gender stereotypes to get her business off the ground. But her success was multiplied after the Global Citizen Festival 2017, when Procter & Gamble pledged to spend $100 million through businesses owned by women. With this support, Agarwal was able to expand her business and is now looking at exporting her tea to the US and Europe. 

“Coming from a small town, even today the women we are supposed to be married, to be sitting at home and taking care of the baby. But we feel so good that we could take the step out and be one of the working women and be the best we can be,” Agarwal tells us. 

Giving women the chance they deserve in business isn’t just a win for equality: It helps reduce poverty, too. Statistics show that women like Agarwal reinvest the majority of their income back into their families and communities, lifting others up through their success. Now, in order for more women to enter global supply chains, we need big companies to step up to the mark.

Send an email calling on the CEOs of large global corporations to invest in the power of women — and to commit $100 million to buying from businesses owned by women in their supply chains.