Union africaine : engagez-vous à dépenser les DTS en vaccins contre la COVID-19

L’utilisation des DTS pour lutter contre la COVID-19 pourrait sauver des millions d’Africains.

À savoir :

  • Les DTS peuvent accélérer la relance de l’Afrique, mais c’est aux dirigeants de s’engager à bien dépenser les fonds.
  • Les dirigeants africains peuvent utiliser les DTS pour acheter des vaccins et favoriser une relance post-COVID.
  • Envoyez un tweet maintenant exhortant l'Union africaine à allouer des DTS dans la lutte contre la pandémie.

En savoir plus sur cette cause :

Africa’s countries are some of the hardest hit by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is predicted that nearly 50 million sub-Saharan Africans will be pushed into a COVID-19-induced poverty. Innovative solutions are needed in order to alleviate the economic strain that Africa’s poorer countries are experiencing, and this is where Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) could be incredibly beneficial. 

SDRs could be used to alleviate the financial burden on developing countries, must support medical supplies, vaccines, food, and further debt relief to prevent low-income countries from sliding deeper into poverty. As African finance ministers pointed out, ‘financing for vaccines on the continent has been disappointingly slow’. 

“Without rapid access to vaccines, the tidal wave of new coronavirus infections will overwhelm our fragile health systems, decimate limited human resources, and set back our recovery,” they said.

The pandemic can’t end until everyone, everywhere has access to the vaccine, and we can’t move forward unless all countries recover together.

Tweet now ― call on Africa’s leaders to spend SDRs on COVID-19 vaccines across the continent so that everyone can recover better from the pandemic.