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Acerca de Coty

Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty companies with a purpose to celebrate and liberate the diversity of consumers’ beauty. Its strong entrepreneurial heritage has created an iconic portfolio of leading beauty brands including COVERGIRL, Wella Professionals, and OPI. Coty has over 20,000 colleagues globally with products sold in over 150 countries. Coty and its brands are committed to a range of social causes as well as seeking to minimize its impact on the environment.

About Coty & Global Citizen

Coty is proud to partner with Global Citizen to tackle prejudice & discrimination in the areas of disability, ethnicity, gender & LGBTI. We are committed to challenging the systems & policies that perpetuate inequality. Coty is mobilizing its employees to use their collective voice to advocate through online engagement. Addressing these issues will support some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in society who are often the most likely to be living in the cycle of extreme poverty.


  1. Artículo: Global Beauty Company Coty Is Making Hand Sanitizer to Help Combat COVID-19

    La compañía global de belleza Coty produce desinfectante de manos para ayudar a combatir el COVID-19

    Por Liza Gellerman|Coty|3 de Abril de 2020

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  2. Artículo: All the Changes Coming to the Accessibility Section at the Global Citizen Festival in New York

    All the Changes Coming to the Accessibility Section at the Global Citizen Festival in New York

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    Los nuevos Emojis de Apple celebran la diversidad y aumentan la representación de la comunidad de personas con discapacidad

    Por Erica SanchezGaëlle Langué  y  Gabrielle Deonath|Coty|17 de Julio de 2019

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  4. Artículo: LGBTI People Are at Risk of Being Left Behind in the Fight to End Extreme Poverty. Let's Make Sure They Aren't.

    Las personas LGBTI corren el riesgo de quedarse atrás en la lucha contra la pobreza extrema. Asegurémonos de que no ...

    Por Anthony Alfano|Coty|5 de Junio de 2019

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  5. Artículo: Why Global Citizen Is Campaigning to Reduce Inequality for 1 Billion People Living with Disabilities

    Por qué Global Citizen está trabajando para reducir la desigualdad de mil millones de personas que viven con discapacidades

    De Coty|3 de Diciembre de 2018

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  6. Artículo: What Is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities?

    What Is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities?

    Por Sophie Maes|Coty|3 de Diciembre de 2018

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  7. Artículo: Together Let’s Take a Stand With Global Citizen

    Actuemos unidos, y tomemos una postura junto con Global Citizen.

    De Coty|23 de Febrero de 2018

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