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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is Global Citizen?

Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. On our platform, Global Citizens learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions — as part of a global community committed to lasting change.

What makes you think we can end extreme poverty?

In the last 30 years, extreme poverty has halved, plummeting faster than at any time in history. Thanks to human ingenuity, we’ve pushed back disease, overcome ignorance, and seen the power of potential unleashed when everyone, everywhere has the chance to thrive. A child born today has more chance of surviving, being healthy and getting a quality education than any generation before them.

But 1 billion people are still trapped in extreme poverty, and it’s an affront to our common humanity and dignity. 800 million people will go to bed hungry tonight. More than 700 million are drinking dirty water, and more than 2 billion people don’t have a toilet.

With 10 years to go to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we stand at the turning point for the future of people and the planet. We need to make major progress in reducing poverty and gender inequality, and stopping climate change. 

But, it’s not going to happen unless each of us play our part. Everyone from citizens, governments, corporations, and philanthropists have a role – because none of aid, trade nor charity can do this alone.

It’ll be a long and hard path. But, like the great civil rights and anti-apartheid movements before us, we can succeed, because we are more powerful together.

How will my actions have impact?

Extreme poverty persists in part because of our own actions and beliefs - including the existence of international policies and systems that keep people living in extreme poverty.

If we learn more about why extreme poverty exists, make informed consumer decisions, and use our voices to advocate for change, we can ensure that the businesses, organizations and governments in our lives are contributing to a world without extreme poverty. Global Citizen and our partners have a track record of running programs and campaigns that have real impact on the lives of the poor – and we hope that you’ll join us.

Global Citizen encourages you to learn more and take action on a range of issues related to extreme poverty, helping to build the movement that will end extreme poverty. We're not going to end extreme poverty by ourselves, and we're not going to do it in a day, a week, or even a year. But, by being a part of a diverse movement of many organisations, all around the world, we can play our part in ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Why do you promote advocacy rather than fundraising?

The money we give as individuals is important, but to bring about the end of extreme poverty, we also need governments and businesses to play their part: by changing rules, practices and giving money themselves.

For example, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance will save 6 million lives in the next 5 years - but to do so, it needs $7.5 billion to be secured by the end of 2015. Global citizens, working in support of partners called on governments and businesses to make this happen, and in January, world leaders came together and committed the money to make this happen.

That’s why Global Citizen both supports individual charities, whilst also asking you to use your voice to encourage governments and others to play their part too.

Who's behind Global Citizen

Global Citizen is managed by Global Poverty Project, an international education and campaigning organization that is a registered 501(c)3 in the USA. Content on global citizen is created by a team of staff writers, editorial partners, and by dozens of amazing NGO partners. If you'd like to work for us, see the jobs page.

For general inquiries about Global Citizen not already answered in the FAQ, drop us a line at contact@globalcitizen.org.

Global Citizen Rewards FAQs

What is Global Citizen Rewards?

The brainchild of Kelly Curtis (manager of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder), now turbocharged by our Live Nation partnership, Global Citizen Rewards is our way of saying thank you to our community for taking action to help solve the world’s biggest challenges. We reward our community with an opportunity to attend their favorite events all year round — all around the world.

How can I get a Global Citizen Reward?

Once you join Global Citizen, you can take action on our platform or our app. Every time you do, you’re helping to solve big challenges around the world – like access to clean water and education, equality for girls and women, and more. Actions include: signing petitions, sharing messages on social media, writing letters to politicians, calling their offices about issues affecting the world’s poor, and more.

When you take action, you also earn points. You can use these points to enter drawings for Rewards, like tickets to concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, and more. Visit the Rewards section of the platform or the app, search for things that sound interesting, and use your points to enter the draw. 

How do I find Rewards to enter?

Visit the Rewards page to find drawings for tickets you want to attend. You can search by date, location, and type of event, or click here to see drawings for events that are near you. When you find an event you want to go to, enter the drawing! Additionally, you can sign up to receive Reward updates here.

I’m having trouble entering. What’s going on?

If the entry button is grey and says “Earn more points to enter,” you need to take more actions to earn more points. Click on the grey button and we’ll suggest some actions for you (or check here).

If the entry button is grey and says “Sign in to redeem rewards,” you need to sign into Global Citizen using your registered email. Look at the top right corner and click “Sign In” to your account. If you do not have an account, sign up!

I entered a Rewards drawing but I don’t know if it went through. Help!

After you have entered a Reward drawing, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox from gcrewards@globalcitizen.org. If you do not get a confirmation email, please check your spam folder and add gcrewards@globalcitizen.org to your safe sender list so that you don’t miss any important emails about this Reward from us!

How will I know if I’ve won?

Global Citizen will draw a winner and notify them via email, usually about one week before the event. If you are the winner, you will have 48 hours (unless otherwise noted) to claim your tickets by clicking on the “Claim Your Tickets” button in the email notification.

You can also decline your tickets if you are unable to or no longer want to attend. If you do not claim your tickets within the allotted timeframe, your offer will expire and we will choose a new winner.

Winners will receive email notification from gcrewards@globalcitizen.org. Please add this address to your safe sender list to make sure you don’t miss an important notification.

How are prize draw winners selected?

Prize draw winners are selected randomly through an automated system.

What if I don’t win?

Once we have confirmed all winners for a particular drawing, we will send emails to all other entrants, letting them know that they did not win.

Be sure to add gcrewards@globalcitizen.org to your safe sender list so that you receive notifications about your entry and check your spam folder to make sure you don’t miss an important message.

How do I claim my tickets?

If you receive notification that you have won a drawing, click on the “Claim Your Tickets” button in the email. You will be directed to a page where you can confirm a few details and claim your tickets.

There are two types of Rewards: those that can be redeemed through Ticketmaster and those where a winner’s name is added to the guest list.

If your tickets are redeemable through Ticketmaster, we will give you a unique code and a link to a special page on Ticketmaster where you can select your tickets and print them at home. You will need to redeem your tickets on Ticketmaster by 2 p.m. local time on the day of the event or else your tickets will be released.

If your tickets are on the artist’s guest list, the name associated with your Global Citizen account will be added to the artist’s guest list. Once this is submitted to the artist, it cannot be changed, so make sure your account settings are up to date with your legal name so that you can pick up your tickets (you'll need to show ID!). Once we have confirmed that your name is on the guest list, The Rewards team will send you final confirmation with detailed ticket pickup information (about 2-3 days before for the show). You will be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call about 1 hour prior to the show on the show date.  

I’m having trouble claiming my tickets. What should I do?

You must be logged into the Global Citizen account that is tied to the email address where you received your winner notification on the device you are using to claim your tickets.

Email us at rewards@globalcitizen.org with a screenshot of the issue if you have any more trouble.

I claimed my tickets but haven’t heard anything else. What’s next?

For winners whose names need to be added to the guest list, the Rewards team works directly with the artist’s management team to confirm that your name is on the list. This can take a few days. As soon as we confirm that your name is on the guest list, we will send you a final confirmation email with precise ticket pick-up information.

I claimed my tickets but can’t redeem them on Ticketmaster. What do I do?

If you claimed your tickets through Global Citizen, you should have received a unique code and a link to a special Ticketmaster page where you can select your tickets and print them at home. Make sure you are using the link we gave you to log onto Ticketmaster. Enter your unique code into the “Offer Code” field. Available tickets should appear – select your tickets and print them at home. If you are unable to do this, please email a screenshot of the problem to rewards@globalcitizen.org so we can help you out.

I got a winner notification email, but forgot to claim my tickets. What can I do?

If you win a Global Citizen Rewards drawing, you will have 48 hours (unless stated otherwise) to claim your tickets. If you don’t claim them within the specified timeframe, your offer will expire and we will select a new winner. The process will repeat until we secure a winner. Make sure that you put gcrewards@globalcitizen.org on your safe sender list so you don’t miss another notification!

I won tickets! How do I get to the show?

That’s up to you! Global Citizen gives you the tickets, but you need to figure out how to get to the show. We encourage Global Citizens to enter Rewards in their area so that you can make the show. Click here to see what events are happening near you.

I won tickets! Where in the venue will they be?

If your tickets are redeemable through Ticketmaster, you will be able to see where your tickets are located.

If your tickets are on the artist’s guest list, we do not know exactly where your tickets will be. You will find out where you will be when you claim them in person at the venue’s will call.

What do I do on the day of the event?

It’s simple! If your tickets are on the guest list, just head to the venue, pick up your tickets at Will Call (don’t forget to take your ID), and have some fun! If you have tickets from Ticketmaster, be sure to print your tickets at home before you head to the show.

While you’re there, post a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and be sure to tag #GlobalCitizen and @GLBLCTZN. We like to show our winners a little social media love and share their enthusiasm with artists!

Will I get to meet the artist backstage?

Sorry! Unless explicitly stated, these tickets do not include a meet and greet or other specialty experiences — but you do get to go to the show, so have fun!

Can anyone attend?

Only people age 18 or older are eligible to enter Rewards prize drawings. If the venue rules allow it, guests under the age of 18 may be allowed to attend to Global Citizen Rewards events with the winner. See complete Rules for more details.

Can I give my tickets to someone else? Or sell them?

If your tickets are on the artist’s guest list, only the person whose name is on the guest list may pick up the tickets. You will have to present photo ID at the venue’s Will Call in order to pick up your tickets.

If your tickets are from Ticketmaster, you can transfer your tickets according to their Terms and Conditions (see here).

Selling the tickets is not permitted. If we discover that you have tried to sell your tickets, you will no longer be eligible to enter Rewards.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at rewards@globalcitizen.org.

What is Will Call?

Will Call is a general phrase for a location present at all ticketed venues where individuals on guest lists or with VIP access are given admission to an event.

Can I enter more than one drawing at a time?

Sure! You can enter as many different drawings as you like, as long as you have enough points – so keep taking action!

Can I enter the drawing for a show I really want to go to more than once?

No. You can only enter each drawing one time.

Will I get my points back if I don’t win?

No. Points, once used toward a Reward, are non-refundable.

How do I find out when there are new Rewards available?

We’re always telling our social followers when we have cool new Rewards, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We also send personalized emails to our community, showing you new Rewards in your area. Make sure to give us your postal code (go to your user profile and enter it) — it will help us show you the right Rewards. You also can let us know you want Rewards updates when you manage your email subscriptions.

I can’t pick up my tickets anymore, can I change the name at Will Call?

No. Once your name has been confirmed at Will Call, we are unable to change it. If you can no longer attend the show, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at rewards@globalcitizen.org. If you do not show up to an event without notifying us, you could be ineligible to enter Rewards in the future.

What happens when I enter a Reward?

Global Citizen keeps record of this entry so we can notify you if you win. Check out our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.

I got an email saying I’m a Global Citizen Activist. What’s this about?

Global Citizen Rewards allows you to reach new levels – with new benefits – based on the total points you’ve earned since joining. The more points you earn, the more perks you’ll be eligible for. Learn all about these levels here.

  ¿Qué sucedió con los niveles de Citizenship que forman parte del programa de recompensas?

 Estamos trabajando arduamente para mejorar nuestro programa de Recompensas para brindarte mejores beneficios y más oportunidades de ganar. Por eso hemos suspendido los niveles de Citizenship para poder introducir mejores beneficios cuando volvamos a lanzarlo a finales de este año.

¿Seguiré recibiendo mis puntos de bonificación trimestrales o mis puntos de regalo?

Si ganaste puntos de bonificación trimestrales o un regalo de puntos por alcanzar un nuevo nivel en junio de 2020, puedes esperar que esos puntos se agreguen a tu cuenta a principios de julio de 2020. Tendremos algo nuevo que recompensará tu compromiso con Global Citizen hacia finales de este año.

For questions about Global Citizen Rewards not already covered above, email us at rewards@globalcitizen.org.