Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee spoke on MSNBC and from Global Citizen's World on Stage pre-festival event on the successful passage of the Global Food Security Act last summer and what it means for American food aid. He stated, "Our food aid reform... enables us to feed more people but we still are very antiquated, the agriculture community and the maritime community have still hemmed us in to a degree and could be so much more efficient. If so, we could feed 4-6 million more people each year." He additionally acknowledged the bipartisan nature of this bill, relating that "These are the type of initiatives that republicans and democrats oughtta join together in because it enables us, with the same amount of dollars, to serve even more people."

The passage of the Global Food Security Act is something near and dear to many Global Citizen's hearts, as the petition gardenered countless thousands of signatures urging Congress to take action on this bill. Global Citizen's rejoiced at the Act's success in August, when President Obama signed it in to law. 


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Senator Corker Discusses Importance of Food Aid Reform at World On Stage

Por Bea Spirakis