What makes a protest? Signs make everything better, singing is voluntary, and puns are a welcome bonus. Yet for too long, political protests have been starved of one of life’s great motivators.

Pizza to the Polls has been delivering non-partisan pizza all around America since the 2016 presidential election. At first, it was intended to keep voters fed while waiting in long queues at the ballot box. According to MUNCHIES, they sent nearly 2,400 pizzas on Election Day.

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Since then, democracy has taken a fresh turn. Protests have been heating up all over the world, as anger toward new, controversial policies has taken hold. 

Most recently, President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries has sparked international condemnation. The most notable demonstration against the executive order took place at JFK airport, where activists gathered in immense crowds to support immigrants detained across the country.

Naturally, Pizza to the Polls was quick to step in and offer free pizzas to the protesters.

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An airport, however, presents a unique set of problems to overcome. After a false start where it seemed like the protesters had dispersed, they eventually made it through to JFK. All leftovers, including extras donated by the pizzeria, went to a local homeless shelter in Queens.

“I think providing pizza, or comfort, is the least we can do to support these people,” said Scott Duncombe, co-founder of Pizza to the Polls, in an interview with MUNCHIES. “Pizza warms the heart and it’s a naturally shareable food — it brought voters and polling place workers together and it can bring protesters together in the same way.”

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The idea seems to have taken off. A Muslim family decided to head down to JFK on the same day to do their own deliveries: handing out 30 free pizzas to protesters who were defending their faith. All the while, a woman in Salt Lake used the power of ham and pineapple to send a striking message to her senator. Who knew that politics and pizza were such perfect bedfellows?

Sadly, some plans have found less success than others. 

But where there’s a will there’s a way. And now where there’s a protest, there might also be pizza. To keep the movement going, Pizza to the Polls accept donations of all sizes, using local pizzerias to get as close to the action as possible. With more controversies potentially on the horizon, I hope you’re hungry.


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These People Send Free Pizza to Protestors All Over America

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