On September 26, the fifth annual Global Citizen Festival occurred in New York City’s Central Park. Leaders and influencers from all over the world came together to discuss global poverty and and commit funds and resources to help people around the world out of extreme poverty.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was among the leaders who spoke about the importance of the alleviation of poverty and the attainment of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Pelosi spoke to and for these Global Citizens in her powerful call to action, in which she urged Global Citizens to keep following their dreams, keep taking responsibility for our world’s future, and to remember, “when we help the poor, we help the world.”

Global Citizens care about the success of the SDGs, as has been shown by the actions taken toward women's empowerment, polio eradication and vaccine accesibility, zero hunger, and universal access to quality education for all children. Global Citizen's excitement about these goals was palpable throughout the Festival.


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Here's What Nancy Pelosi Had to Say at the Global Citizen Festival

Por Bea Spirakis