Líderes europeos: Necesitamos urgente realizar tests, tratamientos y una vacuna contra el COVID-19

No podremos recuperarnos del COVID-19 si no trabajamos juntos para proteger a todos.

Lo que hay que saber:

  • Una recuperación segura y rápida del COVID-19 debe proteger a los más vulnerables y requiere de una cooperación global.
  • Se requiere financiamiento urgente para hacer tests, tratamientos y vacunas contra el COVID-19 al alcance de todos.
  • Pídele a los líderes europeos que aseguren el acceso global y equitativo a los tests y tratamientos contra el COVID-19.

Más información acerca de esta causa:

The impact of coronavirus in European countries and beyond has been dramatic. From lives lost to job insecurity, life for millions of people has been turned upside down. As populations everywhere look for a light at the end of the tunnel, our best chance of a return to normality is for tests, treatments and a vaccine against COVID-19 is to be available equally to everyone. 

COVID-19 has crossed almost every border, and it will take cooperation across borders to beat it. To lessen the pandemic’s lasting global impact and help prevent a second wave, we need to work together and make sure the most vulnerable are not left behind.

People want to be able to return to normal safely, and right now critical work is being done by scientists around the world to achieve just that through the development of tests, treatments and a vaccine. But it’s vital that their discoveries are made available to everyone, everywhere who wants them.

World leaders must work together delivering treatments and protection to every corner of the earth, not just to the world’s wealthiest people

That’s why Global Citizen is calling on European governments — including Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Spain — to unite for our future with leaders across the globe in an international effort to eradicate COVID-19 for good at an international summit on 27 June.

We need world leaders to commit funding to develop COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines fast, and ensure these vital discoveries reach everyone in need. 

We are stronger together. Tell Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Spain to unite for everyone’s future. Write a message now to protect everyone in need.