España: ¿líder en apoyo al mundo rural en países pobres?

Díle a España que ayude a responder a la crisis alimentaria invirtiendo en los pequeños agricultores

Lo que hay que saber:

  • La inversión en desarrollo rural es la forma más eficiente de romper el ciclo de la pobreza y ¡hay que actuar ya!
  • El FIDA es la única agencia de la ONU dedicada al desarrollo rural, pero necesita inversiones para llegar a más gente
  • España ya es campeona de la seguridad alimentaria, y si nos escucha ahora, podría aumentar su financiación.

Más información acerca de esta causa:

Over the past few years we have witnessed how no one is immune to the hunger crisis. Across the globe, the harmful effects of climate change, war, increased food prices and the global debt crisis have left 828 million people without access to food.

This stark reality for families and farmers in rural communities is even worse. On average, 80% of the world's extreme poverty is found in rural communities and most of them depend on family farms for income and nourishment. 

Smallholder farmers are facing persistent obstacles which have reduced their productivity, threatening the world’s food supply. These women, children and men need our urgent support and there are solutions. 

Investments in agriculture are estimated to be three times more effective in reducing poverty in comparison to other sectors. It is central to digging us out of this current crisis but it needs political will and funding. 

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is the only UN agency dedicated to rural development and has the tools, technology and programmes to empower these vulnerable communities to improve their livelihoods. They however need funding. 

Fortunately, countries such as Spain are champions of IFAD and food security but we need them to increase their investments. Send them a tweet to show their leadership in ending the hunger crisis by stepping up their support.