El financiamiento climático podría salvar el planeta: ¿Conoces las razones?

Este intrincado sistema de financiación del clima es clave en la lucha mundial por la justicia climática. Averigua por qué haciendo el quiz.

Lo que hay que saber:

  • A pesar de estar en la primera línea del cambio climático, muchos países no disponen de los recursos necesarios para frenarlo
  • Para eliminar los obstáculos, los países ricos se comprometieron a ayudar a las naciones en desarrollo a ser más resistentes.
  • Este intrincado sistema de financiamiento es clave en la lucha mundial por la justicia climática.

Más información acerca de esta causa:

The twenty richest nations are responsible for over 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But when it comes to the climate crisis, it’s the world’s poorest communities who are disproportionately affected by its consequences.

According to the World Bank, the impacts of climate change - from intensifying droughts to increased flooding - are expected to push an additional 132 million people into extreme poverty by 2030.

Developing nations are on the front lines of the climate crisis, but unlike the world’s biggest economies, many are without access to the tools needed to mitigate and adapt to its effects.

To correct this unjust imbalance, the UN created a system where the wealthiest nations pay their fair share to help poorer countries sustainably develop and protect their citizens from climate-driven disasters.

This intricate system of climate finance is key to building a climate-resilient future and an important tool for addressing the many injustices of the climate crisis.

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