Líderes mundiales: protejan nuestro planeta y ¡ayuden a detener la crisis climática!

La crisis climática amenaza todo lo que amamos. Los líderes mundiales pueden detenerla, ¡pidamos que actúen!

Lo que hay que saber:

  • El cambio climático ya ha desplazado a millones y está provocando inundaciones masivas, incendios y supertormentas.
  • Los expertos dicen que debemos evitar que el planeta se caliente a más de 1,5 ° C, pero estamos en camino de duplicarlo.
  • Si podemos crear una oleada de apoyo a la acción climática, podemos convencer a los líderes mundiales a actuar.

Más información acerca de esta causa:

The climate emergency poses an existential threat to our survival. Already, millions have been displaced by fires, floods, and superstorms that disproportionately impact people living in poverty and marginalized people around the world. It's threatening food supplies, drying up drinking water, and destroying parts of nature that we simply can’t rebuild, like our oceans.

But there is still reason to hope. Experts believe we can keep our planet survivable if we prevent the earth from warming beyond 1.5°C. To pull it off, world leaders need to drastically cut the emissions that cause global warming and to protect parts of the environment like forests and sea ice that naturally trap harmful pollutants.       

We know world leaders are more likely to act when they hear from us, Global Citizens — sign now to tell leaders everywhere to cut their emissions and help set us down a path to survival.