Protege los árboles, las flores silvestres y las abejas - Comprométete ahora

La fauna local necesita nuestra ayuda y protección: nuestras casas también pueden ser hogares para la naturaleza.

Lo que hay que saber:

  • Cada uno de nosotros puede crear refugios para la naturaleza con el fin de proteger a los pájaros, las abejas y más.
  • Comprométete a proteger la naturaleza en tu vida diaria.

Más información acerca de esta causa:

The world has lost two-thirds of its wildlife in the past fifty years.

The climate crisis and the expansion of the way we live and consume as humans endangers our ecosystems and the species that call them home.

Global Citizens from around the world are urging governments and corporate leaders to save nature, but we can also take action in our own lives right now to help.

Grassroots actions are some of the best ways to start protecting the nature we love. Plant flowers that bees and butterflies love, let the nature around you grow wild, get together with your community to plant trees, cut down on consuming meat and keep making changes in your life to protect the wildlife around you.

You can read our guide on how to protect nature here.

Take the pledge to protect nature — our actions combined can have an immense impact on the world around us!