Europa: ¡Ayuda a los agricultores a luchar contra el cambio climático!

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Lo que hay que saber:

  • El cambio climático y las condiciones meteorológicas extremas amenazan el acceso a comidas saludables para miles de millones
  • Europa puede ayudar a financiar a los agricultores para que produzcan cultivos nutritivos capaces de resistir.
  • Acompaña a los agricultores en la primera línea de la crisis climática: ¡envía un correo electrónico a los líderes europeos!

Más información acerca de esta causa:

From flash flooding to extended droughts, climate change is ravaging food systems worldwide and farmers are on the frontline of the crisis. While wildfires capture the headlines, crop failures caused by extreme and unpredictable weather events threaten basic access to meals for millions.

Farmers put the food on our plates but urgent support is needed to help them continue doing so. The worst impacted by changes in climate are smallholder farmers who supply a third of the world’s food. We are already seeing the devastating effects – in 2020 world hunger rose higher than the previous five years combined due to climate change and the global pandemic.

We need European leaders to take urgent action to protect and secure access to healthy, regular meals for all. Europe has the opportunity to fund critical demand-driven research, including climate adaptive crops, technologies and smart agricultural practices for farmers under attack from a changing climate.

Urge European leaders including Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and the EU commission to help farmers fight the climate crisis – email now.