Paren la guerra de los combustibles fósiles y la emergencia climática

La energía sucia está destruyendo el planeta y financiando la horrible guerra de Rusia en Ucrania.

Lo que hay que saber:

  • La dependencia de los combustibles fósiles está destruyendo el clima y alimenta guerras como la invasión rusa de Ucrania.
  • Al eliminar inmediatamente los combustibles fósiles y transitar a la energía verde, los líderes pueden marcar la diferencia.
  • Presiona a los líderes mundiales para que dejen de financiar guerras por combustibles fósiles: ¡envía un correo urgente!

Más información acerca de esta causa:

The main driver of the global climate emergency is fossil fuels: In the past decade, oil, coal and gas were responsible for 86% of all carbon dioxide emissions. For many years activists and scientists alike have been calling to phase out fossil fuels to stop the climate emergency. If world leaders continue to delay their actions, the world will miss the 1.5 degrees global climate goal.

The dependence on oil, coal and gas is not just destroying the planet – it also finances Russia’s war in Ukraine. Russia earned 158 billion Euros in revenue from fossil fuel exports in the first six months of the war. European countries are among the biggest importers – and hence Financiers of the war – including Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium and Spain.

We need those countries to end Russian fossil fuel imports immediately, stop new expansions of fossil fuel productions and invest in a transformational plan to achieve access to clean, renewable energy for everybody.

People in Ukraine and around the world are suffering every day from the severe consequences that come with the dependence on dirty energy. Take action now and urge world leaders to stop fossil fuel wars and halt the climate crisis. Send your email!

This action was created in partnership with Fridays for Future Poland & Ukraine.