Global Citizen Rewards


Throughout the year, Global Citizen runs various sweepstakes and contests. The first name, last initial, and country of the winner and a copy of the contest’s official rules will be available here shortly following the drawing date and for ninety days thereafter.

Patagonia: Arbor Lid Pack

No winners yet

Want to know more about how our rewards work?

  • Be A Global Citizen

    Watch videos, read articles and learn about the issues that cause extreme poverty.

  • Take Action, Earn Points

    To earn points you sign petitions, send emails, share content on the issues you care about.

  • Get Rewards

    Use the points you earn by taking action to enter drawings for tickets to concerts or for other rewards.

  • See Impact

    Help end extreme poverty NOW. See how your actions improve the life of people around the world.

Full terms and conditions for Global Citizen Rewards can be found here.