Take Action with Reebok and Global Citizen

TAKE ACTION is an exclusive footwear and apparel collection encouraging consumers to activate their purchasing power to help drive equity through access to education. 

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Take Action for Equity

Why Take Action?

Image: Gulshan Khan for Global Citizen

“Taking action” involves performing relatively simple acts; but together, these small actions add up to tremendous collective power to shape the world we live in, calling en masse on world leaders, philanthropists, and the private sector to do more and do better.

Actions you can take with us include things like signing petitions, taking quizzes to learn more about global issues, emailing and phoning up your political representatives, sending tweets and sharing social media posts, sharing images and videos of yourself standing up for the issues you care about, and more. 

Advocacy has an important role to play in tackling the world’s greatest challenges and can take a number of approaches. Global Citizen’s “action taking” advocacy model is one that empowers the voices of everyday citizens and activists while complementing the essential work of on-the-ground organizations that are directly feeding and housing families, educating children, mitigating climate change, and more.


The Reebok x Take Action collection is available at Reebok stores, key retailers, reebok.com and store.globalcitizen.org

Our Shared Focus
  • Defeat Poverty

    Over 700 million people in our world currently live in extreme poverty. With collective action, we can change this.

  • Demand Equity

    Every person, everywhere, should have an equal chance to live up to their full potential.

Take Action. Earn Rewards.

Global Citizen’s platform empowers people everywhere to address the most urgent issues our world is facing. The Reebok x Take Action collection invites you to join the movement by taking action to help drive equity through access to education. Each product in the collection contains a QR code that drives to the Global Citizen app, a key tool to empower and educate yourself on these topics.  

Reebok and Global Citizen partnered with changemaker and winner of the 2022 Reebok Human Rights Award (HRA), Dieter Cantu, an activist using education as a force for equity. Dieter works to advance the well-being of young people in juvenile facilities through establishing sports and literacy programs. For this capsule release, Reebok is donating books to Cantu’s organization, Cantu’s Books, which aims to help improve reading skills among incarcerated youths. We share Dieter’s vision for a more equitable world through education, and encourage you to join us in advancing his work.

Change is only achievable if we work together. Let us know why you take action, and inspire others to join the movement.